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Sep 27, 2012 12:00pm PDT
and mitt romney courting voters in virginia today. without virginia it will be almost impossible for romney to win in november. in 2008 obama took it down with 53% of the vote with results that very nearly matched the national tally. the real clear politics average has him leading by 4.5 points. the race is close in the home state with romney holding a slight lead as recently as two weeks ago. let's bring in brian moran to see if he gives us a preview of december. thanks for joining us. >> happy to be with you. we do enjoy a lead, but if i might continue the football analogies, we need to play the entire 60 minutes. we cannot let up until the clock runs out 7:00 p.m. on november 6th. we're working very hard to make sure we deliver -- redeliver our 13 electoral votes for the next president of the united states, barack obama, and the united states senate seat tim kaine. >> i love that you're continuing our football analogy for us there. in virginia, obviously, i'm a native virginian in the northern virginia area. a bit cultural different than the rest of the state. are the campaigning using d
Sep 26, 2012 12:00pm PDT
at >>> if mitt romney goes down to defeat, there is supposed to be a silver lining for paul ryan. namely that he'll immediately become one of the front-runners if not the front-runner for republican party's next presidential nomination in 2016. after all, ryan is a rock star on the right. ask a conservative to diagnose what's wrong with the romney campaign and you'll hear variations of the same refrain over and over. let ryan be ryan. of course, it's no mystery why romney isn't heeding these calls. ryan's policy ideas may be gospel on the right but when it comes to general election voters, they're problematic, so ryan has been muzzled and forced to play a role he wasn't cut out for. generic vice presidential nominee. this could reap ryan's benefit after the election. conservatives are itching to see and hear more of him. if romney loses, ryan can say, hey, guys, i was trying to be a team player. i was as frustrated as you. next time let's run the kind of campaign we want to run. in the 2016 heavyweight will thus be born. but there's another possibility, too,
Sep 27, 2012 3:00pm EDT
ability to parlay revelations that he had asked hx-wife inton ia ye romney is down nationally by six points. yes, the privileged prep school wall street son of a former governor is pretty much the worst thick you could be in this year of populist anger, and, rrle, ry in the words of joe scarborough, sweet jesus, he's a horrible politician. the release of romney's comments disparaging half the country as victims who won't take personal responsible for themselves will likely go downs paftivotal moment in this election but really it will lost long ago. >> speaker, you're already shaking your head but who on this stage would walk ay from that deal? when you raise your hand, if you feel so strongly about not raising tacks you'd walk away o thn t one deal? >> see, the problem here is not really romney. do youhink for one second that if he had raised his hand and said, yes, i would raise taxes that he would be the nominee now? no candidate could have oughoin the gop primary and gone on to run a campaign broad enough. next week the general election debates start. remember the g
Oct 1, 2012 12:00pm PDT
the margin where mitt romney finds himself down at this point. what's the mood inside the campaign? does it become hard to keep your spirits up? is there a danger of having sort of a gloomy mood per vads the campaign itself? >> that's always a danger and i think one of the great things that the obama campaign had four years ago is they didn't pay a lot of attention to all of this. they weren't watching all of these cable news shows and paying attention to the chattering class. the romney campaign is being buried by the media, not just the liberal media, but every media. look at all the polls it's not just "the washington post" and "new york times" polls, it's the fox polls, everything says this guy is going to lose. and if you're inside the campaign you got to just let all that clutter get out of your head and you have to not listen to it. you have to look at the fundamentals which are this is going to be a close election. obama has an advantage but at the end of the day the country is pretty evenly divided. >> folks on both sides of the aisle have talked about some of the challenges oba
Sep 28, 2012 12:00pm PDT
interesting with the debates, both sides try to play down the expectations and say obama saying mitt romney is a great debater. he's amazing. >> when they come out and say mitt romney can debate, you know they are trying to do something here. >> yeah. see, what do you think -- i'm having trouble getting a sense of what the american people's expectations for these two candidates are. i think the president is the president, so there's going to be a high level of expectation there. i also think mitt romney, though he's lost a little bit in this area, he's seen as a capable business person. so i do think he has a relatively high bar as well. >> i wonder. i don't center a good grasp on it and i'm asking the same question. he never really got to re-introduce himself. we're looking at his approval right now, and he never recovered like a usual nominee out of the primaries. what i noticed this summer and into the fall, there's a lot of coverage of romney the gaffe-prone guy. i wonder if that caricature sets in. >> the gaffes come from being out of touch and not stupid. >> right. i don't think anybo
Oct 2, 2012 12:00pm PDT
because the romney campaign has been telegraphing the idea that mitt romney will be equipped with a series of sort of devastating putdowns, zingers as they call them, at tomorrow night's debate where he can just sort of, you know, cut barack obama down to size with a very quick quip. i think obviously you think in history of, there you go again, ronald reagan and jimmy carter. that seems to be what they're going for. we thought let's come up with our own suggested zingers or mitt romney. >> we're all about helping out romney. >> i came up with one. i'll lead it off. maybe romney can say something like barack obama is almost as unreliable as my backup yacht. zing. >> zing! >> mine is even worse than that. >> impossible. >> barack obama, try baracko'pologizes for america. >> zinger. >> mine is want to hear a joke? the national debt. zing! >> i like the sound effect. >> i imagine romney might actually say to paraphrase "top gun" your ego is writing checks your government can't cash. >> you misunderstood the assignment. >> i got a good one from nick who helps us out. tough on foreign policy. e
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)